I Offer Compassionate, empathic and non-judgemental healing and soul guidance for those looking for more clarity and understanding in their lives, we will speak always in confidence as I highly value seeking a true connection with you; bringing authenticity, love and a true desire to transcend limitations and any possible blocks in my consultations with you.

If you would like a session please email, phone 07925278538 or skype rixsta_musicman

Sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on how you feel and things flow. Payment is donation based as I don’t wish financial difficulties to get in the way of soul growth.

I will always endeavour to work for your higher good and will if needed/wanted, work with my own psychic gifts, spirit guides, yours and my ancestors, the angelic realm and reiki energy to bring light to the situation at hand.

I truly feel that we all have infinite potential and this is about each person re-reconnecting to their core truth and inner knowing so that they can navigate their life on a course for fulfilment, evolution and perhaps even turning toward destiny.

This.. Is also my path too!!

I will be honoured to accompany you on your healing journey and together we will be able to bring healing through acceptance, love and grace. We will work towards your own empowerment and self-awareness, nurturing the very heart of your soul on the way.

I can offer assistance/insight into many areas in life, for example:

Life/Soul-path guidance
Soul purpose and destiny alignment/altering timelines
Raising your energy via conscious eating
Addictions and food issues
Soul-loss and Fragmentation
Finding and connecting to your own intuition
Trauma healing
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Spirit attachment/interference/psychic attack
Relationship dynamics/disfunction
Programming/conditioning and brainwashing
Inner child hurts
Rape/sexual abuse
Family dynamics
Emotional suppression/expression
Creative suppression/expression
Domestic abuse
Self-worth issues

Radiant Vitality

Becoming so full of life and soul energy that it creates abundance not just for you, but positive energy and influence for those around you altering your future timelines and possibilities.

Please have a look at the front page and the blog to find out more info if needed.

Thank you

Blessings to all



Kathrin Atkinson, Barrow


“I have had the good fortune to know Riki for about 12 years now. In that time I have seen him grow into a very competent and compassionate healer. He is one of the rare individuals who truly ‘walk their talk’.

Riki’s passion about raw foods and eating to stay in balance and resonance with Mother Earth and ones own Spiritual/Soul-knowing is beautiful and inspiring, as well as truly life-changing and health-enhancing. If you are wishing to (for example) break past addictions, heal from health complaints or raise your vibration to new levels, his understanding in these areas is invaluable.

Aside from the food and well-being understanding Riki has, he is also a powerful empath and intuitive. He picks up on psychic messages, often from a persons wounded soul-aspects, to help understanding, healing and reconciliation. Personally, he has helped me deeply in understanding, coming to terms with, and processing past trauma that had resulted in complex post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms for many years. His ability to compassionately hold space for difficult emotions to be seen, acknowledged or expressed has been truly helpful and Soul-affirming. I am very grateful for his love and his support.

I am happy, and honoured, to recommend him if you would like some insight into your life situation, advice on how to live in a higher vibration or a trustworthy companion whilst you venture through difficult areas of your life and Soul-path experiences.

He is a beautiful person with a deep commitment to bringing truth, empowerment and healing onto this troubled planet. His music is also very powerful and healing and helps raise the vibration wherever he is playing. I recommend listening to that too especially if you are unable to work with him one-to-one.

I wish him much love and blessings as he brings his gifts to help others now. He is a true friend to have on your journey.”

Kathrin Atkinson, Awakening Soul
11th June 2019



Riki has helped me a lot with things and has been there for me he helped with my depression, Riki has been there for me when I have been down and been a really really good friend to me. You’ve helped me out in sticky situations and now you’ve listened to what I’ve had to say about everything and that you’ve been really supportive about things with me like my family and my kids.

You’ve been such a true friend to me that you’ve help me out with my emotions you’ve basically helped me to have a good cry which did help.

I can’t thank you enough riki you’ve absolutely been brilliant you’ve helped me through thick and thin you’ve been there when I’ve needed you and that and it’s been absolutely brilliant I appreciate what you’ve helped me with and the advice you give me on dificult life experiences and that so thank you I really appreciate it you help me with my family problems you’ve helped me with with my depression and you’ve given me really good advice and I appreciate it. I really really do you’ve helped me open up about things to do with my depression, you’ve been an absolute true friend and I appreciate it thank you

11th June 2019


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