Compassionate, empathic and non judgemental healing/soul guidance for thoose looking for more clarity and understanding, we will speak always in confidence, I highly value my connection with you bringinging, authenticity, love and and a true desire to transcend limitations and possible blocks in my consultations with you.

If you would like a session please email, phone 07925278538 or skype rixsta_musicman

Sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on how you feel and things flow. Payment is donation based and I do not ask much at all!

I will always endeavour to work for your higher good and will if needed/wanted work with my own psychic gifts, spirit guides, angelic realm and reiki energy to bring light to the situation at hand.

I truly feel that we all have infinate potential and this is about you re-reconnecting to your core truth and inner knowing so that you can navigate your life on a course for fulfilment, evolution and perhaps even turning toward destiny.

This.. Is also my path too!!

I will be honoured to accompany you on your healing journey and together we will be able to bring healing through acceptance, love and grace. We will work towards your own empowerment and self awareness, nurturing the very heart of your soul on the way.

I will offer assistance/insight into many situations beyond this list which gives an example 🙂 such as:

Life/Soul-path guidance
Soul purpose and destiny alignment/altering timelines
Raising your energy via conscious eating
Addictions and food issues
Soul-loss and Fragmentation
Finding and connecting to your own intuition
Trauma healing
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Spirit attachment/interference/psychic attack
Relationship dynamics/disfunction
Programming/conditioning and brain washing
Inner child hurts
Rape/sexual abuse
Family dynamics
Emotional suppression/expression
Creative suppression/expression
Domestic abuse
Self worth issues

Radiant Vitality

Becoming so full of life and soul energy that it creates abundance not just for you, but positive energy and influence for those around you altering your future timelines and posibilities.

Please have a look at the front page and the blog to find out more info if needed.


Blessings to all


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